Snail no shell with a worm

Snail With No Shell

An early illustration I did for a children’s story by Jan Akhtar about a snail that loses it’s shell. Still...

Swiping Cat

Cat Swiping at a Feather Waggler

I have spent time away from the computer and created a series of illustrations using pencil, watercolour and ink. This...

Europe Landmarks Slide

European Landmarks Illustration

A European Landmarks Illustration for Bristows. This is part of a series of illustrations I am doing for the Unified Patent...

David Icke Doodle Crop

A David Icke Doodle

A Doodle of David Icke discussing the Archons.

Demon Doodle

Demon Doodle

A random Demon Doodle from the other day.

Girl Dr Who Slide

A Female Doctor Who

As we are now only a few days away from the start of the new Doctor Who series starring Peter...

Teem Resting Colour

Teemo Resting

Here is an illustration of the character Teemo I was asked to do by Riot Games, they needed to show Teemo resting...

Barn Animals Slide

Barn Animals

Here is a page illustration featuring Barn Animals I did for the new children’s book by Sandra Christina Shaw titled Pom-Pom...

Camel Drinking

The Mouse and the Camel

Here is an illustration I did for the new children’s book written by Eileen Noakes titled The Mouse and the...