Informathlon Banners

Finally completed designs for some Informathlon Banners. Helped hang them up yesterday, please go along to the Jubilee Library in Brighton to see the exhibitions.
See my Logo Design and Pics below.
Thanks to Mary Agnes Krell for giving me the opportunity to work on this project.
Informathlon Banners

A collection of projects exploring stories that emerge from data surrounding and related to Olympic Activities.

Funded by the Creative Campus Initiative, Informathlon was devised by Mary Agnes Krell as a response to the narratives that emerge and exist alongside major events. It has been produced in collaboration with Sue Gollifer, students from the MA Digital Media Arts at the University of Brighton, Artist Anna Dumitriu, and others including Sarah Cullen, Stephanie Wong, Build Brighton, Lighthouse and the University of Sussex.


Banners Jubilee Library Banners Jubilee Library 1 Informathlon Banners

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