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St David’s Day

Lovely illustration on today’s Google page featuring the Welsh dragon to celebrate St David’s Day by Lesley Barnes.

The importance of colouring

An excellent piece on the importance of colouring and how it can effect work both negatively and positively.

Garbage Pail Kids

Garbage Pail Kids

If I could have an ideal job it would probably be creating “Garbage Pail Kids” characters, a bit like Handy Andy...

A Box of Nothing

“After the man in the closed, empty shop gives James a box of nothing, he finds himself in the Dump,...

Lester and the unusual pet

Lester and the Unusual Pet

I was wandering around Brighton a few weeks ago doing research for the book I am currently illustrating – Witches, Hats...

Grande Halle

OFFF Review 2010 – Digital Creation Culture

OFFF Day 1 24/06/10 4am start to get Taxi to Heathrow with Mary Agnes who was accompanying me on this...