Portfolio of Andrew Roper, World of Roper featuring illustrations, Artwork, Design and Animations.

Wolf Beast Featured

Wandering Wolf Beast Drawing

A quick drawing of a wolf beast creature, sketched out using black ink and watercolour via Artrage.

Lady Drinking Tea painting

Lady Drinking Tea painting

A painting I recently completed for a friend of a lady drinking Tea. The colours were inspired from a picture...

Dancing Father Christmas

Christmas Card Designs

I have been working on a Christmas Card design for 2014. It features Santa Claus frolicking in the snow while...

Halloween Facebook Banner

Halloween Facebook Banner

As it is the season when the Ghosties and Ghoulies appear to welcome in the approaching Winter, I thought I...

Girl Dr Who Slide

A Female Doctor Who

As we are now only a few days away from the start of the new Doctor Who series starring Peter...

Characters Poster Slide

Witch and other characters

I decided to spend some time making a poster incorporating some of the favourite characters i’ve illustrated over the last few years for...

Teem Resting Colour

Teemo Resting

Here is an illustration of the character Teemo I was asked to do by Riot Games, they needed to show Teemo resting...

Teemo Scouts Slider

Game Icon Designs

I recently created some game icon designs for Riot Games, on an offshoot of the extraordinarily popular League of Legends...

Barn Animals Slide

Barn Animals

Here is a page illustration featuring Barn Animals I did for the new children’s book by Sandra Christina Shaw titled Pom-Pom...