Design portfolio of Andrew Roper, World of Roper.

Business Conference Display

GlobalMaxer Display Panel and Leaflet

Full Design of Display Panel and Leaflet produced for GlobalMaxer Conference. Image also used on GlobalMaxer Website.

Seagull Brighton Mod

T-shirt designs available to buy online

I have been busy putting together some T-shirt designs, and put together a couple of online stores. My T-shirt designs consist...

Candy Products

Candy Product Designs

Ideas for Candy Bar Designs and Logo’s.

Wukulele Poster

Poster Design for the South Coast International Ukulele Fringe Festival 2010. Over three days the beautiful seaside town of Worthing...

Postcard Design

Informathlon Postcard

Funded by the Creative Campus Initiative, Informathlon was devised by Mary Agnes Krell as a response to the narratives that...

Paul the Octopus

Just uploaded a pic of Paul the Octopus. The Psychic Octopus is on the eve of predicting the World cup winners...

Informathlon Banners

Finally completed designs for some Informathlon Banners. Helped hang them up yesterday, please go along to the Jubilee Library in Brighton...