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David Bowie Blackstar Canvas

David Bowie Blackstar Tribute Canvas 24″ x 30″. Acrylic and Ink. Original piece. For sale £300. Contact

Monkey Card

Cheeky Monkey Birthday Card

A new Birthday Card creation featuring a Cheeky Monkey running away with a Birthday Cake. Can be purchased here: thortful...

Cameron Cycling EU

David Cameron, on his cycle,  campaigns to remain in the EU

A caricature of David Cameron campaigning to remain in the EU I created for my post on Ropers Report.

Bat Freak

Bat Freak!

A painting I developed from a sketch I made last year. The original painting is available for sale, on A3...

6 ways to copy, trace, or transfer any image onto paper – YouTube

6 ways to copy, trace, or transfer any image onto paper – YouTube

I found this video on tracing images very useful, without having to resort to purchasing an expensive lightbox.

Sam Hooper Caricature

Sam Hooper Caricature

Randomly sketched a caricature of journalist and blogger Sam Hooper who appeared on todays Daily Politics show on BBC2. Tweeted it...

Artwork for sale

Pictures For Sale at The Bees Mouth

I have four pictures for sale. Today I finally got them hung up, they are on display at The Bees...

WorldOfRoper Sketch Slide

Poster Sketch

I’m working on a poster featuring all the favourite characters I’ve illustrated over the last few years. Here is a...